MST is ... Jesse Northen and Morgan Hacker

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Marin Summer Theater is Jesse Northen and Morgan Hacker. These two guys started on the San Marin stage during High School and came to love the performing arts.  Both now attend college at SFSU and are able to perform during the summer because of the opportunity that MST creates. In addition to delighting their audiences, they are inspirations to younger company members who learn so much by working with college-aged artists.

This is the last day of our drive. Our goal was to raise $6,000, but without your help we might only make half of that. Please help us. Be part of the story.

Be part of the story, give to MST today.

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Be part of the story by giving to MST. In making a contribution you become a member of our company, and you have the satisfacation of knowing that you are part of a family that values truth, beauty and the expression of the human experience.

MST keeps tuition as low as possible so that cost is not a barrier to participation. MST believes that a student's financial means are not an indicator of their artistic ability. MST also keeps ticket prices low and we give mentorships to our college-aged company members.

We need your help. Since 2011 our facility costs have risen by more than $10,000 a year, jeopardizing our ability to continue our mission. Our goal is to raise $6,000 during our Facebook Fundraiser. Over the course of the fundraiser we will tell you about how MST came in to being, take a trip down memory lane and also show you the future of MST.