Anything Goes


anything goes-566x309Marin Summer Theater is excited to announce the casting for the 2014 production of ANYTHING GOES! ANYTHING GOES will be presented on July 24*, 25, 26, 27 & 31, Aug 1, 2, 3 at San Marin HS.




Reno Sweeny Sarah Marthensen
Billy J. Crocker Shane Cooney
Hope Harcourt Madeline Weiss
Sir Evelyn Oakley Jacob Vorperian
Moonface Martin Fernando Siu
Erma Lauren Sutton Beatie
Mrs. Evangeline Harcourt Zena Hinds
Elisha J. Whitney Elliot Hanson
Captain Keala Freitas
Purser Tristin Knox
Chastity Shannon Ainsworth
Charity Chloe Uicker
Purity Jennifer Brodsky
Virtue Rebecca Black
Luke Terry Kitagawa
John Sam Yankovich


Sailors, Passengers, Reporters, Photographers, FBI Agents

Abby Green
Dashiell Gowland
Dillon DeVille
Emma Palace
Hannah Leonard
Josh Schussler
Kailey Hewitt
Marvin Roca
Miles Smith
Naomi Johnson
Sam Yankovich
Sean Campbell
Steven White
Terry Kitagawa

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Marin Summer Theater (MST) is an award winning non-profit theater company for students of performing arts between the ages of 13 and 23. The MST company prepares and presents three fully-staged productions in a six-week summer season. MST's mission is threefold: To present exciting, professional quality drama, musical theater and musical revue productions; to keep tuition as low as possible so that cost is not a barrier to participation; to create a diverse company of college and high school students.

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